Where do we even start!? Of course a lot has been happening around the world and one of the things we all celebrate about the human race, is the power that has been yielded to a lot of people by and through social media. News travels at the speed of a click and everything gets shared instantaneously. Through that we saw the rise of #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate among other movements.

The world is currently at a turmoil with unemployment, mental health and death all closely related to the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused a lot of heartbreak. …

c/o Eliud Kipchoge, GQ Magazine, 2020

A lot has happened in the global sphere and it’s crazy how things have changed since the year began. Yesterday, the GQ team published an online article titled, “How Eliud Kipchoge Broke Running’s Mythic Barrier” by Knox Robinson and there is a lot of buzz around Kenyan marathon winner and athlete Eliud Kipchoge on the coveted menswear magazine. GQ is considered a style bible that would never go out of style and they have a wide audience because of the diversity and the depth of their articles and content.

Many Kenyans today and yesterday were sharing images from the Eliud…

In spirit of Social Media Week Toronto, I decided to share an article on how to increase your monthly Pinterest views seeing firsthand how views on my page have increased consistently for the last two weeks from 3k to 8.9k monthly views.

For most people, Pinterest is the go-to place to find inspiration on how to set up your bathroom, or finding a quick outfit inspiration for that pair of green chinos they got from Banana Republic the other day and haven’t worn for more than three weeks. …

Toronto men fashion bloggers are among the leading style content creators in the fashion world. The Toronto fashion scene is as diverse as it gets, with the men showcasing different styles and sense of fashion.

Definitely style is unique to everyone, but some pieces are favourites and everyone seems to gravitate towards them. it’s a matter of how you style them.

With fall hitting on week 2 and everyone preparing for winter, everyone is ditching their tees and stocking up on winter wear. A lot of favourite brands within Canada include; Mackage, Canada Goose and Moose Knuckle. These three are…

Instagram is the most popular app for sharing images and videos. As highlighted in my first article, which you can read here , the app has over 800 million users as of September 2017. One of the ways that you can ensure your brand visibility is by sharing the right images on the platform.

Having worked in digital media for over one year, I have discovered that it is important for each brand to find their own digital path and invest in digital marketing accordingly. We live in the age of online shopping, online window browsing and instant gratification. If your fashion brand does not cater to these three things, you would have to put a change a couple of things.

Your fashion brand should have the option to allow customers both potential and actual to purchase online. This can be through a website or on social media sites (like Facebook and Instagram). …

I was recently having a conversation with my aunt over facial hair and arm pit hair, and I was totally for the idea of no-shave forever!! What is a man without his hair? What do you think? Are you into hair or no? Harry’s is a brand that has a different approach to men’s hair and grooming. With a range of products available, this article should help you figure some of the common mistakes and some of the things to avoid when taking care of your hair.

The first time I met Qwanza was in one of the marketing units I had taken for my undergraduate classes. We started speaking and she asked me what I did and I explained to her about my blog and a couple of weeks into the class, we were following each other on social media and I loved how she created recipes and dishes from everyday items and had a little twist to what she made.

In this interview, I pick her brain about marketing and content creation. All images are acquired from her Instagram.

F: If you met a random…

19 days down! It just seemed like the other day was the 1st day of January and we are already halfway into the first month of the year. I have been away from the ‘blogosphere’ since Christmas because I felt a strong need to re-evaluate the reason why I am part of the Kenyan fashion industry and how I can be a positive contributor. …

The Arbor is one of Nairobi’s hidden gems, that has been unmasked lately by food festivals like Eat Out Kenya’s popular Nairobi Restaurant Week, as well as influencers who have continued to share the space on social media.

Popular for its ambiance and generous portions, the Arbor have decided to hold their own exclusive festival dubbed the Arbor Xmas Festival, which is more about bottomless mimosas, great food, live music, wine tasting, pop-up shops and a whole experience.

Freddie Anyona

Creator and blogger of www.soyoulikefashion.com . Passionate about communication and writing. Freelance writer and photographer.

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